We give students the tools to succeed.

Academic success is about more than memorizing math equations. We focus on the underlying skills students need to manage their schoolwork, gain confidence and develop a genuine love of learning. 



Academic Coaching & Tutoring

We provide one-on-one tutoring and academic coaching either at your home, at the student's school, or at our center in the University District. We work with all levels, including those with ADHD, ADD, anxiety and dyslexia, and tailor our teaching to the specific needs and interests of each student.

In addition to subject comprehension, exam prep and homework help, our coaches focus on the underlying skills required for academic success. They help students improve executive function so that they can better manage their time, organize their work and set goals. Our coaches are available to answer student texts and proofread work outside of lesson time, at no additional cost. They can also liaise with teachers, therapists, or other key individuals to make sure that the student receives consistent support. 


Expert Coaches

Our coaches have strong academic backgrounds; many are full-time, professional coaches and the majority have advanced degrees. Our team includes Ivy League grads, published authors, PhD holders, bi- and tri-lingual coaches and tutors with backgrounds in Special Ed. All are given the opportunity for professional development in our routine workshops on topics like anxiety, executive function and ADD/ADHD. Every Hamptons Tutors coach is thoroughly vetted and background-checked by Alliance 2020. 

A strong partnership between coach and student is critical in ensuring long-term success. When you make an enquiry, we pair you with two potential coaches and offer free trial sessions so that you can choose the coach that works best for your family. 


Weekly Reporting

After each session with one of our coaches, you'll receive a written report of the session through our online platform. This enables you to see what was covered in the session, as well as what the student's goals are before the next meeting. These reports can be automatically shared with teachers, school counselors, therapists, learning support staff, or anyone else invested in the student's success. 

We believe that it's critical for students to be accountable for their own work, with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. These routine reports enable parents and teachers to stay in the loop without removing agency from students. They're a useful way to monitor progress, raise concerns and acknowledge achievements.