film studies

Preparing students for college-level Film courses

By Josh Jablon

July Session: Monday 9 - Friday 13 July, 9am-12

August Session: Monday 30 - Friday 3 August, 9am-12

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Film is an incredibly engaging way for students to interact with narrative--a skill that is not only key in understanding the world around us and gaining empathy, but are the kinds of activities that they will do in Language Arts classes throughout high school and college.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and develop understanding of basic film techniques
  • Identify theme and symbolism in a story
  • Critically engage with complex themes and characters, and make value judgments, after considering all sides of the issue


We will begin by learning basic film techniques, and practicing them from its smallest pieces (shots), and gradually working our way up to a film (using short, then long scenes). We will then watch Forrest Gump, and students will discuss the film--from theme, to character, to writing, to film technique. Then, they will craft a presentation, using scenes from the film, demonstrating their understanding of one of the film’s thematic elements.

Weekly Overview

  • Monday: The basics of filmmaking, and analyzing shots and scenes
  • Tuesday: Watch Forrest Gump in class
  • Wednesday: Discuss the film (Socratic Seminar-style) and understand expectations of theme presentations.
  • Thursday: Work on theme presentations, after seeing an example
  • Friday: Presenting and receiving feedback on theme presentations

About Josh

I am a Language Arts teacher at King’s High School. I teach Honors 9th grade, 12th grade, American Film and Television, and Speech and Debate (which I also coach). I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington, and a Master’s in Teaching from Seattle University. My favorite things to teach are Film, Debate, and Music as Poetry--all of which I’ve found to be extremely informative for my students. I am an “engagement first” teacher, finding that games and media are extremely helpful in designing a fun and effective learning environment for the children of 2018.


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