How to be smart

Confidence, metacognition, and autonomous intelligence

By Andy Williamson MA (Oxon) MSc

July Session: Monday 16 - Friday 20 July, 1.30-3.30pm

August Session: Monday 6 - Friday 10 August, 1.30-3.30pm

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Autonomous Intelligence is the idea that students should be 'internally smart' - they should be able to use their intelligence across multiple subjects, in all situations. The Oxford tutorial method forces a student to defend a thesis, and to develop strong arguments with relatively little preparation time. In high school, college, and the job market, individuals who thrive are the ones who are able to adapt what they do know to what they don't, and operate well in situations outside of their intellectual comfort zone. Autonomous Intelligence therefore functions like a toolkit that can be used in multiple scenarios. This class will teach students how to think, not what to think. Students will see a growth in their confidence, their metacognition, and their ability to address challenges in school. 


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Use metacognition to practice self-awareness in learning
  • Learn more efficiently and effectively using a wide range of tactics
  • Operate comfortable in areas they're not familiar with 
  • Demonstrate critical faculty, intellectual independence, and academic rigor
  • Be resilient in facing difficult academic challenges
  • Banish 'I don't know' in favor of 'I can know'


This course will teach a student how to operate at a higher level of confidence and thinking. Most of the classes will be based on the Oxford tutorial method: students will be given a piece of information, and then will have to present on it. We will run 'fun' interactive exercises to get students to think differently, and to start learning about the way they learn. This class is like nothing else out there - students will be blown away with what they can achieve! 

Weekly Overview

Session Date Topic

  • Monday - Introduction to Metacognition
  • Tuesday - Effective and efficient Learning tactics
  • Wednesday - Developing and defending theses (and flexible intelligence)
  • Thursday - Thinking creatively
  • Friday - Self-reflection and challenge

About Andy

Andy is the founder of Hampton Tutors. He has an undergraduate degree from Oxford University in History and Politics, and a Master's degree from Edinburgh University in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies. He has been tutoring since 2009, and in that time has worked with students of all ages and abilities. He is a firm believer in 'autonomous intelligence', and the idea that everyone has the capacity to be smart. 


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