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Preparing for High School Math

A Class for advanced 8th graders and 9th graders starting High School

By Shelby Osborn

Session 1: Monday 9 - Friday 13 July 2-3.30pm

Session 2: Monday 6 - Friday 10 August 2-3.30pm

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Students should enroll in this class to prepare for the advanced rigor of high school math classes, the SBA state graduation test, and the SAT/ACT. Many students feel unprepared for the complex word problems in each unit, whether it’s reading the problem carefully or the actual math involved in solving the problem. This course will help students succeed by using strategies such as inquiry, reading for comprehension, justifying, and collaborating with their peers.


Students will leave the course with the ability to:

  • Solve and maximize systems of equations and inequalities
  • Read word problems to fully understand the question asked
  • Answer word problems in context and justify their reasoning
  • Collaborate with others to gain new insights into math applications
  • Reflect on new learnings to create individual story problems


Students will be given a set of word problems, each week focusing on a different type of problem. For each type of word problem, students will be able to: read carefully for comprehension, write a single equation and system of equations, write a single inequality and system of inequalities, solve the equations and inequalities, answer the question in context, and reflect on their new learnings. During the last class, students will prepare their own complex story problem and solve each other’s work. The class is not a lecture-based course, instead it will focus on learning through inquiry and collaboration.

Weekly Overview

Each class will cover the topic listed by incorporating word problems:

  • Monday: linear equations and inequalities
  • Tuesday: systems of linear equations
  • Wednesday: systems of linear inequalities
  • Thursday: maximization of systems of equations/inequalities
  • Friday: students create and present own word problems

About Shelby

I have been a teacher for four years in Kent School District, teaching the Algebras, Geometry, and essentials classes focusing on individualized help. Throughout those years, I have been given opportunities to see how much students struggle with word problems. It is by far the main thing that makes students say: “oh no, I don’t understand!” I have created strategies and used them successfully on my students to help them understand how to approach long, complex problems. I am very personable and will make the class fun, interesting, and overall a great learning experience!


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Terms, conditions and refund policy:
In the event that you must cancel, your payment will be fully refundable until 5 business days prior to the class start date. Cancellations made less than 5 business days in advance of the class will be partially refunded at 50% (for example, $250 refund payment for a $500 class). Cancellations may be made by phone or email.

In the event that we must cancel the class, we will notify you via phone or email and refund you in full.