A college-level course for high schoolers

By Rachel Page

July Session: Monday 16- Friday 20 July, 1-3pm

August Session: Monday 13- Friday 27 August, 10am-12

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From genetic screenings of heritable diseases to genetic modification of organisms to ancestry.com analyses of genetic history, the topic of genetics plays a significant role in the lives of most people living in the 21st century. A strong understanding of genetics is crucial for scientific literacy, and coursework in genetics is foundational to any life sciences program.


By the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Understand the molecular basis of genetic inheritance
  • Read and analyze contemporary scientific literature
  • Describe the causes of genetic diversity and the mechanisms of evolution
  • Perform research on a topic of interest and present information to the class


This class is an introduction to genetics for high school students curious about genetics or interested in pursuing college level coursework in biology, biotechnology, and health sciences. Students leave this class with an appreciation of the history and interconnectedness of life on this planet, as well as a deeper understanding of current technological applications of genomic technology. Prerequisite: at least 1 year of high school biology is recommended.

Weekly Overview

  • Session 1 - Genetic transmission and inheritance
  • Session 2 - Molecular evolution
  • Session 3 - Population genetics
  • Session 4 - Epigenetics and Evolution
  • Session 5 - Special Topics and Final Project Presentations

About Rachel

Rachel has worked in a wide range of educational settings over the past fourteen years. She first got her teaching feet wet as a Teaching Assistant in undergraduate biology courses, including Introduction to Genetics and Evolutionary Biology, and an ESOL and GED teacher at a small community organization in Providence, Rhode Island. Since moving back to her hometown of Seattle, she has tutored student athletes at the University of Washington as well as dozens of high school students in test prep, math through calculus, and all science subjects. Rachel holds a BA in Biology from Brown University.


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