August 5 - 9, 11am-1pm

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Children, adolescents, and adults use the processes of executive function to track details, organize, strategize, pay attention, and manage time. This course offers students an opportunity to learn new tools and strengthen existing skills for processes impacted by executive functioning.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify what Executive Functioning is and how it relates to school activities

  • Identify strategies that help improve concentration, attention, and memory

  • Develop and implement time management skills

  • Learn about how to advocate for needs with teachers, peers, and others

  • Gain insight into what motivates them in school, and learn to harness this knowledge to be productive


In this course, students will learn about what Executive Functioning means and how it relates to their school performance and daily lives. We will discuss what parts of the brain are responsible for executive functioning and how differences in EF abilities can show up in day to day tasks, such as concentration, memory, and attention. Students will also practice hard skills of time management and planning with the goal of learning more about how to prioritize tasks for themselves. Each day will also include mindfulness session, with the goal of helping students gain experience with the benefits of thoughtful meditation and reflection time.

Session Overviews

  • Session 1: What is the Executive Function?

  • Session 2: How does Executive Function affect my life?

  • Session 3: Time Management and Planning

  • Session 4: Self-Advocacy and Growth Mindset

  • Session 5: Setting Goals (SMART Goals) and Closing



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