A Prep Class for students starting 9th grade

By Olivia Godby

Session 1: Monday 23- Friday 27 July, 12:30-2:00pm

Session 2: Monday 6- Friday 10 August, 9:30-11:00am

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The transition to high school is a time of tremendous change. This course is designed to ease the transition by providing students with the study skills and tools necessary to manage a more demanding academic load. The course will address homework habits, planning, time management, organization, big projects and tests, mental health, self-reflection, and self-advocacy.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify their ideal study setting
  • Develop a personal practice for using a planner and to-do lists.
  • Learn tools for managing time and prioritization.
  • Develop a system to keep track of assignments, handouts, and other materials.
  • Learn how to break down big projects into manageable steps.
  • Identify resources to help study for big tests.
  • Understand when they have done enough or when they could do more on an assignment, project, or test.
  • Identify tools for working through boredom, interruptions, and distractions.
  • Identify tools for coping with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt.
  • Determine personal learning styles, strengths, and challenges
  • Determine when and how to self-advocate.


This class will introduce students to the study skills and habits that will keep them motivated and successful throughout high school. We will focus on strategies for tackling homework, projects, and tests with organization, focus, and time management in order to minimize stress and maximize efficiency. We will discuss setting achievable goals that reflect and honor the student’s strengths and weaknesses, using self-reflection and self-advocacy tools to build confidence and form healthy habits for managing high school’s many demands.

Weekly Overview


Class 1: Planning and Time Management: determining best planner practices, effectively using to-do lists, breaking down the week ahead, managing with extracurriculars, determining how long a task or assignment will take, allocating enough time to complete assignments and tasks, how to prioritize, meeting due dates and deadlines

Class 2:  Homework, Projects, and Tests: how to break down big projects, resources and tools for studying course content, effectively using the teacher’s rubric or study guide, determining when you’ve done enough or when you could do more, identifying ideal settings, working with friends, choosing study music, tools for putting screens down

Class 3: Organization, Persistence, and Flexibility: tools for holding onto assignments and handouts, designing a system to keep track of materials, revising plans in the face of setbacks, obstacles, or new information, tools for working through boredom and interruptions

Class 4: Mental Health: coping with stress, setbacks, anxiety, self-doubt, and self-criticism

Class 5: Self-Reflection and Self-Advocacy: recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses, determining personal learning styles, identifying when help is needed, when and how to approach teachers, when and how to disclose learning needs to others

About Olivia

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2016, I set up an independent tutoring business in California. Through tutoring in math, science, and writing, I worked closely with dozens of middle and high school students on strategies for success in the classroom. I helped each student determine individual learning goals and plan accordingly, placing a strong emphasis on balance and perspective in order to reduce anxiety for the tasks ahead. Upon moving to Seattle, I began to work for Hampton Tutors, through which I have developed a program to share these proven tools for success with students seeking to ease the transition to high school.  


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Class may be billable through insurance in some cases; contact Hampton Tutors for further information.

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Terms, conditions and refund policy:
In the event that you must cancel, your payment will be fully refundable until 5 business days prior to the class start date. Cancellations made less than 5 business days in advance of the class will be partially refunded at 50% (for example, $250 refund payment for a $500 class). Cancellations may be made by phone or email.

In the event that we must cancel the class, we will notify you via phone or email and refund you in full.