SAT + ACT test prep

Strategies for Excellence

By Kevin Gill (MA) and Paul Kimball (M.Ed)

Saturdays, February 10-April 14, 2018 (10 weeks)


Verbal and non-verbal classes can be purchased separately or together.


10 AM to 11.30 AM
Verbal: Reading, English and Writing sections

11.45 AM to 1.15 PM
Non-Verbal: Math and Science sections



Taking the SAT and/or the ACT can be one of the most important parts of a student's high school career. Scores on the test play a major role in determining college applications. However, the unique skills required to succeed on the SAT or ACT are not always the same as student's high school work. Time management, test-taking strategy, and approach to questions are all critical in helping a student go from getting a good score to getting a great one. It's about more than being good at Math, Reading, and Grammar, it's about being good at applying these to the unique rigors of the SAT or ACT. 


Our test prep course is designed with excellence in mind. Classes are capped at 10 students to provide tailored coaching. Students are given a full diagnostic test prior to the class beginning, to better guide the coach's work during the class. Students will also be able to complete a second full diagnostic test on the completion of the course, to better guide them in their onward studies. All students will receive a full report at the end of the course, with specific, customized, and practical advice. 

The courses run in parallel, but are distinct. For students who want to improve the Verbal section of the tests (English, Reading, and Writing), Kevin will discuss strategies for text engagement, comprehension, and grammatical construction. For students who struggle on the Verbal section of the tests (Math on the SAT and ACT, Science on the ACT) Paul has strategies for question management, answer shortcuts, and math literacy.  

All practice materials and resources will be provided for the course. Students will also be provided with homework between classes to better speed up the rate of improvement. The classes will focus on both SAT and ACT material, so students will be able to cover both tests. Kevin and Paul can also consult on which test a student may be better suited to. 

About Kevin and Paul


Kevin holds master's degrees from both Yale and UC Riverside. He has taught college-level logic, philosophy, and writing for fifteen years; he has also worked with over 300 students on their SAT, ACT, and GRE. 

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Paul has a BA in Biochemistry, and a Master's in Education with a focus on Science education. He specializes in Math and Science, AP classes, and the non-verbal parts of the SAT and ACT.


Hampton Tutors
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Classes are bookable separately, at $500 for each 15-hour class (either Verbal or non-Verbal). For booking both classes together, there is a 10% discount. Grading of both diagnostic tests is included in the cost of the class, as is the proctoring of the test on completion of the class.   

Class may be billable through insurance in some cases; contact Hampton Tutors for further information.

Terms, conditions and refund policy:
In the event that you must cancel, your payment will be fully refundable until 5 business days prior to the class start date. Cancellations made less than 5 business days in advance of the class will be partially refunded at 50% (for example, $250 refund payment for a $500 class). Cancellations may be made by phone or email.

In the event that we must cancel the class, we will notify you via phone or email and refund you in full.