One-On-One Learning

Hampton Tutors lessons are based on the Oxford tutorial method of study, where students are empowered to present and to discuss. In these regular, one-to-one tutorials, our coaches challenge students to defend their positions and techniques. This fosters critical faculty, academic excellence and, most importantly, confidence.

Learning Difficulties Support

Our team of coaches includes many who specialize in working with students who have learning differences, such as: ADHD, dyslexia and anxiety. From suggesting simple tools, like dyslexia-friendly fonts, to helping students develop executive function skills over time, our coaches teach skills that students carry with them into adulthood.

Academic Management 

We take a holistic approach to academic success. Tutoring works best when everyone is on the same page. Our coaches regularly work together with teachers, therapists, and school learning support teams so that they can fully understand how best to support the student. 

Ongoing Communication

Our work doesn't end when the lesson time is up. At no additional cost, coaches are on hand via text/email to proofread papers, answer homework questions, and provide 'pep talks' throughout the week. Parents can also access post-lesson reports so that they are kept up to speed on their child’s progress.

It's important that students "click" with their coaches. After you contact us, we'll send you our recommendations and set up free trial sessions with two of our coaches. 

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