Executive Function Coaching

Many students, particularly those with ADD, ADHD or anxiety, have the desire and intelligence to do well in school, but lack the executive function skills required to stay on task. Our team includes highly trained executive function coaches who understand how to help students develop the cognitive processes behind successful organization, time management and goal setting. 

In regular one-on-one sessions, coaches work together with students on practical strategies for executive function success. As their skills develop, students start to rely less on their teachers, parents and tutors for guidance, with the ultimate goal of total self-sufficiency. 

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Executive Function Skills Classes

Our executive function classes are about more than improving study skills. They help students develop the underlying skills required to set and achieve goals in all areas of their life. Students leave these courses with practical strategies—from "chunking" work to mindfulness techniques—that they can use throughout high school, college, and into adulthood. This executive function toolkit also boosts confidence, a key factor in academic success. 

With no more than six students per class, students are able to benefit from a collaborative setting while also receiving individual attention. Classes are ideal for students who enjoy classroom settings and/or may feel intimidated by one-on-one sessions. 

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