A smarter approach to tutoring.

Academic success is about more than memorizing math equations.
We help students manage their schoolwork, gain confidence and develop a genuine love of learning.


Academic Coaching & Tutoring

We provide one-on-one tutoring and academic coaching either at your home, at the student's school, or at one of our centers (Seattle or Kirkland). We work with all levels, including those with ADHD, ADD, anxiety and dyslexia, and tailor our teaching to the specific needs and interests of each student.



Executive Function Support

In addition to subject comprehension, exam prep and homework help, our coaches focus on the underlying skills required for academic success. They help students improve executive function so that they can better manage their time, organize their work and set goals. 


Highly Qualified Coaches

Our team includes Ivy League grads, published authors, PhD holders, bi- and tri-lingual coaches, and tutors with backgrounds in Special Ed. Every Hamptons Tutors coach is thoroughly vetted, and background-checked by Alliance 2020. 

More Services


Last-Minute Tutoring




SAT/ACT Preparation



"The learning specialists have been excellent and have provided fabulous services to our students. We have seen a lot of growth and the students report feeling very supported. We are very appreciative to Hampton Tutors for providing such excellent services."

- Learning Resource Coordinator, Seattle private school



"How can I ever thank you for the help you give my daughter? She gets so much out of her sessions at Hampton Tutors. THANK YOU!"

- Parent of a high school student



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